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5 Angels! "Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed this book. This story kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. Romance, adventure, passion and sex. What more could a reader really ask for? Nothing at all because this book had everything. ... Lani Aames is an excellent story weaver... Riviera and Erich were wonderfully written and emotional characters. I am extremely excited to read more of Lani Aames books in the future."
—Amanda H. for Fallen Angel Reviews

5 Blue Ribbons! "MOONSTONED is a great werewolf novel that will hold your interest until the very end. ... This couple is dynamite both in and out of bed. The sex is very hot and animalistic and the tension is thick between this awesome duo."
—Angel for Romance Junkies

4 1/2 Roses! "Moonstoned...had me spellbound. I absolutely love the interaction between Erich and Riviera."
—Jodi for A Romance Review

4 Kisses! "Moonstoned is a wonderful story. Lani Aames does a superb job weaving together her characters. Erich fouled up his life when he left Riviera. Not long after he left he was in a horrific motorcycle accident, not learning Riviera's secret until much later. His fight to win her back is very heartwarming. Riviera is understandably wary of Erich’s attentions. She's such a passionate and caring woman and is a large part of why Moonstoned is one of my favorite books by Lani Aames."
—Tara for Twolips Reviews

4 Cups! "Very well done! I am already planning to read it again. The very sensual, richly narrated love scenes literally left me breathless. ... The way that Erich’s being a werewolf was woven into the story was beautiful and very sexy! I look forward to Ms. Aames’ next work of art."
—Keely Skillman for Coffee Time Romance

4 Angels! "Moonstoned is an amazing story. Riviera and Erich are a complex couple. Each has their own secrets that will impound on the relationship. ... I really enjoyed that Riviera had to take a huge leap of faith in order to be with the man she loves."
—Tewanda for Fallen Angels Reviews

4 Hearts! "The sensual heat between the two fairly sizzles and sparks off the pages. The love scenes are passionate and sensual. Neither can deny the heat between them. ... This story will give the reader a thrilling ride into the world of werewoves and the romance will warm and give goosebumps to the skin. This reviewer enjoyed this story very much and fans of werewolf romances will too!"
—Valerie for Love Romances

4 Unicorns! "This was a great read. I loved the premise, and Ms. Aames did a wonderful job of showing us the angst that both Erich and Riviera were feeling. The love scenes were hot but wonderfully romantic, and made me want Erich to choose me for his mate. The twist at the end was unexpected. If I had one complaint, it was that it was too short. I wanted more. I can’t wait to read more from Lani Aames."
—Char for Enchanted In Romance

Enchanting! "...a little bit kinky. MOONSTONED is an enchanting surprise..."
—Tammy for Love Romances

An engaging story! "Moonstoned involves magic, werewolfs and young love gone wrong. I found Moonstoned to be an engaging story... Lovers of werewolf stories will enjoy Moonstoned as a different take on the werewolf shifter."
—Jo for Joyfully Reviewed

Steamy sensuality! "MOONSTONED is an engaging story of love lost and then found again. With sincere characters, steamy sensuality, paranormal overtones...MOONSTONED is an enjoyable short story."
—Jennell Morel for Romance Reviews Today Erotic


Previously published as Moonstoned.

by Lani Aames

With the help of a charmed moonstone, werewolf Erich Lambert must find and marry his moonmate before the next full moon or, as the result of a witch’s ancient curse, he’ll remain in wolf form forever.

Riviera Owens is surprised to find Erich in her life once again, and she’s shocked to discover what he’d hidden from her in the past. The moonstone works its magic, but even as Riviera comes to grips with Erich's revelation, it jeopardizes everything that she holds dear.

A paranormal romance novella, approx. 21,000 words or 70 pages.

Published by Silver Heart Books.

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Excerpt from Touch of the Werewolf
Copyright © Lanette Curington / Lani Aames
All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction.

Still feeling like a piece of fine crystal a second before annihilation, she straightened on unsteady legs, her knees refusing to support her. Erich held her up, stripping off her bra and shirt with one hand. He walked her backward until her calves bumped the edge of the bed. He laid her back across the king-sized bed, his eyes never leaving hers while he unfastened her jeans. She raised her hips so he could slide them and her panties off. His dark, hungry eyes swept over her naked body as he removed the rest of his clothing.

Riviera watched him as he revealed his thick, rigid cock, bulging with veins. It jutted from his body at an angle, swaying as he moved. She remembered the first time she'd seen it—the first time she'd seen a cock up close and personal. She'd been a virgin at twenty—waiting for Erich—but she hadn't been stupid. Still, she wondered how they would ever cram that thing inside her. Her body had surprised her, and they had managed it quite easily.

The jagged white scar, from the top of his thigh to above his hipbone, made her gasp. He hadn't wanted to talk about it earlier, so she didn't say anything about it or try to touch it. She reached for his cock instead, but he brushed her hands aside.

Kneeling between her legs, he spread her bent knees apart. His hands slid warmly down her inner thighs until he reached the damp curls between them. His thumb found her swollen nub, caressing it as he eased his fingers deep inside. Muted sounds escaped her throat, and her hips rose and fell as she rode his hand.

Once again, he had her teetering on the edge when he pulled his hand free. Her entire body quivered and tingled, felt raw and exposed. Foreplay was nice, but it had been five years since they'd been together, and she'd been with no other man. Enough was enough.

She bolted upright, close enough that their breaths mingled. She wrapped her hands around his cock, amazed at the amount of heat radiating from it. He inhaled sharply, and his hips thrust his cock farther into her grasp.

"You'd better stop," he said between gasps for air and deep thrusts, "or it'll be over before we really get started."

She enjoyed the feel of hot silk gliding between her palms, but she didn't want to miss out on the last night they'd ever have together. Reluctantly, she let him go, and when she lay down again, he moved with her, stretching his length over hers, his legs beside hers. He enfolded her in his arms, and his lips slanted over hers. She closed her eyes as his tongue delved deep, skimming and darting over hers. By the time they parted, she was breathless.

"I missed you, Riviera," he murmured between feathering kisses along her jaw and throat. "I missed your body beneath me, your breath in my ear, and your heart beating next to mine. I'm sorry we've been apart so long. We shouldn't have."

No, she wanted to agree, we shouldn't have been apart at all. She wanted to remind him whose fault it was, but she didn't want to break the spell of their being together again, didn't want his final memories of her to leave a bitter aftertaste.

He kissed her again, sending their bodies into a roll to the center of the huge bed. The sheet caught between them and wrapped their bodies together. When they halted, Riviera was on top...

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