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Previously titled

4.5 Flags! "This story is about life, love, reincarnation, greed and evil. Any love that can span lifetimes is worth fighting for. In the same right any evil that spans lifetimes is worth fighting against. Lani Aames writes about both beautifully. I was sucked into this story from the very beginning and turned pages non-stop until it was over. This is a very entertaining, touching and fast paced story. I highly recommend it to anyone."
—Tara for Euro-Reviews

4 Angels! "Lia is naïve and trusting while Zamar is strong and courageous, together they are the perfect couple. This book can barely contain the sexual heat the hero and heroine generate and the encounters between them are explosive. With the unbelievable sex, enduring love and a few surprises, I fell in love with this book from beginning till the end. ... Readers don’t miss out on this one."
—Evena for Fallen Angel Reviews

"Statuesque by Lani Aames is a novel for all lovers of archeology and myth. I loved the way the story unfolded, drawing me in more and more until I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. And Ms. Aames throws in a twist that I totally loved, and didn’t see coming. Statuesque will awaken the dreamer in everyone."
—Amelia for Joyfully Reviewed

"A beautiful reincarnation novella, Statuesque is full of the erotic, tender, emotion-filled storytelling I've come to expect from Lani Aames. Lia and Zamar are bright and vivid and their story completely unique and filled with palpable sexual tension. Short, but definitely a scorcher."
—Ayden Delacroix for In The Library Reviews

"...a gentle weave of erotica, mystery, mythology and romance."
—Lucy for A Romance Review

"Ms. Aames writes with vivid descriptions, and the supernatural aspects of the story are compelling and engrossing. The final scenes are full of tension and suspense."
—Kit Tunstall for Sime~Gen

"...a touching tale of ancient, forbidden love..."
—Ann Leveille for SensualRomance Reviews

"This anthology will rock your world."
—Michelle Gann for The Word on Romance

"...truly a mesmerizing tale..."
—Tracy Few for All About Murder Reviews


Previously published as Statuesque.

by Lani Aames

Lia Morgan experiences visions of a distant past and a forbidden love as she enters the desert caves with her best friend Mac Taylor in search of the legendary statue of Zamar. The visions uncover Lia's destiny, an incredible lover, and an ancient enemy determined to destroy them both.

A paranormal romance novella, approx. 20,000 words or 67 pages.

Published by Silver Heart Books.

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Excerpt from Lover Unleashed
Copyright © Lanette Curington / Lani Aames
All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction.

“What are we looking for?” Lia shivered with sexual tension and fear and her voice reflected it.

Mac didn’t seem to notice. “Anything that looks odd. Some sign the Zamarians used this chamber for their ritual. This might well be it, Lia. They made the tunnels that led to this cave to perform their ritual in a natural setting.”

It made as much sense as any of this did, she supposed, and did as he told her. She climbed boulders and squeezed between stalagmites, hoping to find some indication that anyone had ever used this cavern for anything. All she saw were rocks and more rocks, as she flashed her light around and the fingers of her free hand pinched at one nipple. When she realized what she was doing, she dropped her hand.

Mac was somewhere on the other side of the cavern. If she had a few minutes she could ease this tortuous ache quickly. She felt her face grow warm in embarrassment. How could that be the foremost thought in her mind when they might die here?

“Find anything?” she shouted.

“Not a thing,” he called back, and she was disappointed that he sounded too near. It sounded as if he were coming back toward her.

Her only defense was that if she could get rid of her need, she would be able to think more clearly.

She waited a few minutes, but didn’t hear his footsteps.

“Mac?” Her voice reverberated softly around her. She waited a few more minutes. “Mac, did you find something?”

There was still no answer. Panicking, she hurried back toward the place where they’d separated.

“Mac!” she screamed. “Can you hear me?”

The floor in this cavern was covered in mottled sand, a mix of black and gray, not the neutral beige color of the desert and layered sand in the passageways. She saw his footsteps trail to a line of boulders he had climbed, but there was no return track. She ran to the boulders and shone her light beyond them. She could see clearly that he wasn’t here. He hadn’t fallen and struck his head. He wasn’t hiding out to tease her.

“Mac, where are you?”

Her echo was the only answer she received.

She made her way to the new exit, but the sand around the opening lay undisturbed. He hadn’t left without her, but where had he gone?

Mac! Mac! Mac!” she screamed as long and as loud as she could, until her throat felt raw and her breath was almost gone.

Gasping for air, Lia made her way back to the line of boulders. He might have fallen in a way that she couldn’t see. Or dropped into a pit. Or a poisonous snake might have bitten him, paralyzing him, after he stumbled into a far corner. Any number of gruesome things might have happened, and she imagined them all as she climbed over the rocks and landed in the sand beyond.

She flashed her light around, but there was no sign of distress. In fact, there were no footprints at all. Mac had never made it this far. She climbed back up on the boulders and looked at them all. They were wedged tightly together, no crevice for him to have fallen through.

Where had he gone?

From where she stood, facing the way they had come in, there was only the cavern wall to her left and a thick column of rock that seemed to be holding up the ceiling to her right. She had been exploring on the other side of the column. He couldn’t have gone behind the column or she would have seen him.

She dropped to the ground. She was still shaking, more with fear now, but her breasts and clit still burned where her clothes rubbed them. She had to fight the urge to strip the offending material from her body. She shook her head to clear it. What should she do? Stay here where she’d last seen Mac in the hopes that he would be able to return from wherever he’d disappeared to? Or go through the new exit and try to find the way out and call for help?

Call! She struggled with her backpack and nearly ripped it open in her anxiety. The radio! It wouldn’t reach outside, but maybe she could reach Mac.

She pressed the button. “Mac! Mac, can you hear me?”

She strained to hear beyond the static in case he had somehow gotten far away from her. She called him again and again, but received no answer. At last, she gave up, deciding to save the batteries. If he was unconscious now, he might wake up later and try to contact her.

Deciding to wait here for now, she sat in the dark sand and leaned back against a boulder. She pulled out her canteen, only allowing herself one deep swallow. She hadn’t seen any sign of water at all, even in this cavern.

All Lia could do now was wait. She rested her head on the boulder and closed her eyes…

“My One,” a caressing voice whispers in the dark, and she relaxes against him, pressing her palms flat over the expanse of skin between the open folds of his robe. A fingertip on each hand brushes a nipple and they harden beneath her touch. She is pleased by his sharp intake of breath, and the growing proof of his desire pushing toward her.

“I have missed you, Beloved,” she murmurs. She is glad there is darkness for it hides the tears she sheds in sadness. “Please, let us leave now. Tonight. I do not know how much longer I can bear to be separated from you.”

His lips brush hers, caress her cheeks, and kiss away her tears. She smiles. She should have known that he would be aware of her tears.

“Soon,” he says, his voice filled with promise. She clings to it with all her heart. “We cannot abandon our people and leave them at the mercy of the Dark Priest.”

She knows he is right, but she senses that if they do not leave soon, they may never leave at all.

“They will not listen. He is the one they follow, that our people have always followed. How can you turn them all against him?”

They dare not say names, that of the Dark Priest or their own, in case someone suspects and listens to them in the dark. Yet, who else would they be speaking of? There is only one priest who wields such power.

“I am not the only one who sees his corruption. Others have joined me in the fight against him. As soon as there are enough, we will defeat him. When that is done, you and I will be free to leave all of this behind.”

His hands run over her skin as he speaks, and she shivers in anticipation. She slips the robe over his broad shoulders and kisses the hollow at his throat.

“It will not be easy, my One. Your father—”

“My father will not stop us!” she cries out in defiance although she is fearful he will do just that. They dare not make proper love because if her maidenhead is discovered to be broken, she will die at her father’s decree. The virginity of the king’s eldest daughter is sacred. Its loss would bring a generation of darkness and war, plague and pestilence to the kingdom—so the followers of the goddess Seniha believe.

“On your father’s command, his soldiers will follow us to the ends of the Earth to avenge Seniha’s loss. You know this.”

She nods in the darkness, against his chest.

“But we will hide, my One, where no one can ever find us. We will go where they will not know to look. This world is larger than you know, and there are lands across the ocean that will be our refuge.”

Lands across the ocean…her lover knows so many things of which most others do not.

“Are they arid lands, Beloved?” she asks in a whisper, her lips teasing his skin. “Or lush mountains and fertile valleys?”

“Both,” he breathes into her hair as he unfastens the cloth that binds her breasts. “Lush mountains,” he says with wicked teasing in his voice as her breasts overflow his large hands.

She wets her lips and bends her head, placing his thumb in her mouth, suckling in imitation of another part of his body. His breath quickens, and he uses her wetness to run lazy circles around the nipple, bringing it to hardness.

His hands skim her ribs and stomach. “Flat plains,” he says. He strips away the length of cloth wrapped around her hips, and his fingers tangle in her nether curls. “Grasslands as far as the eye can see.” His finger dips and she gasps, her hips surging toward him at his tender touch. “And the most fertile of valleys. You are my world, my life, my love. You are my One forever.”

“Forever,” she echoes and her heart melts. Her fingers dig into his shoulders, and she throws back her head as he begins to summon that most delicious of feelings from deep inside the center of her being. Her senses heighten and her body arches, as taut as a bowstring.

A wail started low and built with intensity, and Lia was barely aware the sound came from her own throat as she shuddered with the explosion of heat throughout her body, rushing from where her fingers moved round and round her clit and labia, through her limbs, to her toes. Her back rose from the boulder she leaned on as her hips convulsed against her hand. Her other hand had cupped one breast, pinching the hard nipple until pain mixed with the pleasure.

Even in her state of abandon, she didn’t dare dip her fingertips into her wet vagina because she knew she would freeze before she could do it. But she craved something there. Anything long, hard, and phallic would do, and the thought of a cock, velvet-smooth and deep inside her made her fingers circle her clit furiously, wringing every sensation possible. She roiled with the waves, the sound from her parched throat growing louder and begging for release.

After what seemed an eternity, the last tremor wound down, and Lia opened her eyes, wincing at the last echo of her cries. Now she could remember how the chamber had filled with her ragged voice, multiple reverberations sounding like a dozen women screaming in ecstasy.

Lia leaned back against the boulder again and stiffly pulled her hand from her shorts. She was gulping in air and her mouth was as dry as the desert, her tongue like sandpaper. She fumbled with her backpack, legs still spread wide, aching with the aftershock.

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