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5 Hearts! "No other word comes to mind but “WOW”! That’s how I would describe this Christmas collection. These three authors have put together three amazingly sensual and seasonal stories for our reading pleasure. They definitely put me in the mood…for Christmas and, well just about anything right now. These stories will take you on a wild ride..."
—Paula Beaty for Romance Review Spot

5 Angels!
FAR Recommended Read! "Ms. Aames has truly written a wonderful romantic Christmas story with Jingle’s Belle....Jingle, a misfit in the elf world, was a perfect match for Bel. This story is a must read Christmas time tale for everyone."
—Contessa for Fallen Angel Reviews

5 Cups! "Jingle and Bel are unique characters with very intriguing personalities. The story has humorous moments that make this book a light fun read that I hated to see end. The love scenes are very detailed and appropriate to the storyline. The setting is well described and very enjoyable. ... She uses her wonderfully creative imagination to create an elf unlike any I have ever seen before. Jingle's Belle is a great read."
—Susan White for Coffee Time Romance

4 1/2 Roses! "...a very intriguing look at a displaced elf and his attempts to try to make a human better understand what Christmas is truly about. Jingle and Belinda are two great characters who will make you believe in not only Christmas, but in the love and magic that comes with the holiday season. Lani Aames has done a stupendous job of mixing the mundane, the office party for example, with the mystical, Christmastown, in this festive tale that will surely have you looking at elves differently."
—Sarah for A Romance Review

4 1/2 Unicorns! "Nicely Naughty is a collection of three stories that take place around Christmas with three very unique couples that are so different that you’d think there is no way for them to get together, never mind stay together. Mary Janice Davidson, Lani Ames, Treva Harte have all created tales of passion and love that pulled me in from the start and experiencing frustration, want, magic and laughter throughout. I truly enjoyed each and every one of these tales and will be reading them again."
—Lyonene for Enchanted In Romance

4 Stars! "Jingle's Belle is one of those stories that will touch you, make you sigh, and want to read it again as soon as you reach the words 'The End'. ...touching and a true holiday treat for all lovers of erotic romance, bearing just the right amount of emotion and sex to make it one spicy and delightful read that will leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling inside. If you are in the mood for holiday romantic holiday treat with a touch of holiday magic, this one is certainly a must read. This book is one of my favorite 'feel good' reads."
—Mireya Orsini for JERR

4 Hearts! "The three tales each have their own plot and interesting characters to top it off. You won't get bored with this anthology by three wonderful and well-known authors who are used to creating interesting stories and characters that you will remember long after the book is done."
—Angel Brewer for The Romance Studio

4 Flames! "This was a charming story and I loved that one of the main characters is one of Santa's elves. I...loved that his special assignment turned out to be so interesting and satisfying."
—Crystal for Sizzling Romances

"Jingle is such an outcast in Christmastown, I felt so sorry for him. Bel’s reaction to the very handsome, very human looking elf is at turns sweet and funny. When she tried to pull his ‘fake ear implants’ off, I almost fell out of my chair laughing. This is a story to curl up with by a roaring fire, and rejoice in what Jingle gives to Belinda."
—Joletta Hill for The Road to Romance

"...you'll wish for your very own Christmas elf!"
—Marlene Breakfield for Escape to Romance

"I know Santa Claus does exist. A must read..."
— Karen Simpson for Sime-Gen Reviews

"...brings the beauty and wonder of Christmas to life."
—Ayden Delacroix for In The Library Reviews


by Lani Aames

A week before Christmas, Belinda Cooper finds an elf named Jingle in her rock garden. At first, Bel thinks she's finally gone off the deep end and he's an hallucination. When she realizes the pointed ears are real and that others can see him, she has to accept him for what he is. As the days count down, Bel is reminded of what Christmas—and love—are all about.

A paranormal romance novella, approx. 20,000 words or 67 pages.

In the anthology, Nicely Naughty, published by Loose Id.

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Excerpt from Jingle's Belle
Copyright © Lanette Curington / Lani Aames
All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction.

Night had fallen some time ago by the time she pulled out the last batch of filling from under the mixer and called to Jingle. Before she could set the bowl on the table, Jingle stuck his finger in, scooped out a big blob, and stuck it in his mouth.

"You can't do that!" Bel yelled. She grabbed a clean spoon to lift out the filling around the spot where he'd stuck his finger. Exhausted, she did not feel like making yet another batch.

"Why not? Mmmm, this is good," Jingle mumbled around a mouthful of filling.

"It's not sanitary. Other people will be buying these cookies. They don't want your—your elf germs in their cookies."

"We'll just keep this last batch for ourselves."

His finger aimed for the bowl again. Bel swung around and held the bowl out of his reach. He missed, but his arms went around her as he stretched for it. Unfortunately, his arms were longer than hers, and his finger zeroed in, lifting out another scoop.

"Taste it." He raised the filling to her mouth. The cool creamy mixture touched her lips, and she automatically swiped her tongue across them.

Again, Jingle ran the filling over her mouth. Before she had a chance to lick it this time, he was cleaning it off for her. His lips pressed to hers, sweet cream cheese caught between them. It melted with their heat causing their lips to slide silkily together. Jingle drew back long enough to add more filling, then kissed her again.

She leaned back against him, and Jingle laid a bead of filling from her bottom lip, over her chin, down her throat to deep between her breasts. He slid her over into the crook of his arm and proceeded to lick the trail clean. Bel knew she should stop him. One lick led to another and another...and he might not stop where the trail ended.

When Jingle reached the beginning of her cleavage, his hands caught her at the waist and he lifted her to sit on the edge of the sturdy table. He spread her legs and fitted himself snugly between them.

Bel's blood pounded in her ears and her breath came more quickly. He accidentally brushed the tip of one nipple, peaking tautly against the knit material of her shirt, and she gasped. When he pulled the edge down, exposing more of her breasts, and lowered his head, Bel had to say something to stop him.

"Jingle, I—" But the sounds came out in a faint rush, barely audible.

"Don't you like the way it feels?" His husky voice sent a shiver through her. He touched the tip of his tongue on her filling coated skin. It slid smoothly along, lower and lower, until he reached as far as he could, her shirt impeded his progress.

"Jingle, I—" Again, that was as far as she got because she didn't seem to have enough air to say more.

His hands slipped up beneath her shirt, his thumbs outside to catch the material, and his hot palms glided upwards taking the shirt with them. He quickly thumbed her thin bra up and over her breasts, leaning her back until she lay on the table amid red and green sugar and bits of dough.

The scent of warm sugar cookies and the taste of sweet cream cheese would always remind her of Jingle's hands on her body.

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